Reinvention & Innovation

UNCG’s Path Forward: Key Initiatives for a Sustainable Future

To improve site navigation, this site was reorganized on Dec. 20,2023. No information has been removed. Latest developments will continue to be shared via “Latest Information” section of the site.

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Change Makes You Want to Hustle

State of the Campus Address
October 3, 2023

We educate the nurses, teachers, accountants, small-business owners, and other professionals who fuel the engine of prosperity across the state. But the higher education landscape is changing, and so must UNCG.

This site provides real-time information and updates on initiatives aimed at reinventing and innovating our path forward.

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Key Initiatives

Task Force for Financial Sustainability

Identifying strategies for fiscal sustainability and developing informed recommendations to make UNCG more efficient and cost-effective.

Academic Data Dashboards & Admin Services Review

Establishing a foundation of data and visualization to support ongoing planning and decision-making in Academic Affairs.

Recent News & Updates

Teach Out Plan Brief

Teach out plans have been developed and submitted to UNCG for curriculum review. In this brief, timelines for program discontinuation are provided. 

UNCG’s Strategic Plan, Giant Steps, to be Refreshed

To meet this pivotal moment for higher education, we need an organizational framework that mirrors where we are — the challenges, demands, and opportunities specific to this period. 

Chancellor Gilliam’s Prepared Remarks

At the General Faculty Meeting, Chancellor Gilliam shared his support for Provost Storrs and his desire to partner with faculty to transform the University.

Enrollment and Budget Forecast

As we move deeper into the spring semester, we’re gaining a fuller sense of our budgetary picture ahead of the 2024-25 academic year.

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